It’s Just a Plant! With The Magic of a Burning Bush When It’s Set Alight.

Photo By: Athenkosi

By – Athenkosi Guntu

They mention Moses speaking to a burning bush in the Bible. (look for the verse). It probably was God, but they don’t specify. In my opinion, he was SMOKING a bush. Then had conversations with God. But, the Bible hides that from us. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.


Mary, Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis, Dank, i’Gata or whatever else you call it – My anti-depressant. Counselling, therapy or alcohol would’ve never impacted my life the way Mary has. The 5 leaved plant was first introduced to me back when I was a kid. In my uncle’s shack. He sold veggies and snacks on the side of the street, he wrapped his day up by having a joint session or ingidi session, every night without fail. The latter is when you smoke it out of a bottle kop, that’s another high for another day. Now I used to inhale all the second hand smoke from him and his crew. My mom probably never liked it, but he was/is my favourite person so she ended up allowing it. Then I started “religiously” smoking it in 2008. 9 years later and I’m still in it. AND I LOVE IT.


What Mary has done for me, I’ll try put it in a few words. It’s helped me cope with my past. It’s helped me cope with my current situation. I’ve found a way of applying it to my meditation and living positively. Which is paying off. It’s helped me lose the excess fat I always hated. I also use it to help with my (another word for creativity). Majorly, it’s helped me with my depression and anxiety. I could’ve fended on alcohol, but that’s a cliché. Overrated. The Tetrahydrocannabinol, (explain it shortly) found in it must be the best feeling you get because for a self- conscious guy like myself, it really helps me break through barriers. I’m better high, no lie.


I never understood that statement. I actually hate it. Being addicted to something is when you’re (explain being addicted kancane). Now with weed, isn’t that more of an indulgent? If you think about it. Well, for those who’ve smoked. For those who haven’t, I’m sorry. I can’t help. Now that indulgent, I (along with many) enjoy delving in it more than “the normal” amount of time. We’re not the same, so our taste buds and normal very. But my point here is, you can’t get addicted to weed. It’s just a plant. It just grows like that and if you just so happen to set it on fire there might be some side effects. Word to Katt Williams.


I’m not trying to change your stance on weed. I don’t care whether they make it legal or illegal. I’m just airing out my opinion of weed. I don’t enjoy being judged for smoking it. Relax about it. It’s just grass. Take a hit.

(Sputja: tail end of a doobie. Ask any smoker, it’s the best part of it! It just leaves a mark on your fingers.)


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