OkMalumKoolKat goes on misguided twitter rant.

OkMalumKoolKat’s Twitter Rant Was Driven By Ignorant desperation to clean His Hands

By – Carlos Ncube

A warranted unwarranted Twitter Rant

Simiso ‘OkMalumKoolKat’ Zwane has taken to twitter in rant about his rehabilitation after spending time behind bars in an Australian prison. The rant follows a  from and article on W24 that named and shamed him.

In the Twitter rant OKMalumKoolKat acknowledges he did not properly apologize to the survivor of the sexual assault and instead opted to protect his family from the media.

OkMalumKoolKat went on to  highlight the fact that rape is a nightmare in South Africa as is occurs within every stratum of society.  

The rapper also believes that society and the media do not play an active role in raising the boy child. So as a result they grow up without any respect for women and reinforce the misogyny and rape culture that already exists within SA. Citing that the message in his music is positive, he pointed out there there are no degrading lyrics towards women in his Album ‘Mlazi Milano’  

Ego vs the Truth

The rant however, was misguided despite clarifying that he has an anti-rape sentiment. A sexual offense does not cease to exist because you have apologized. Survivors, even when silent are left to carry the burden of a violation on their bodies. so it does not help to focus all the attention on OkMalumkoolkat because this detracts from the discourse of rape and misogyny that exist in trying to control women’s bodies. 

OkMalumKoolKat’s rant paints him as the victim. failure of an individual to be socialized in an appropriate manner that is conducive to cohesive living is not only determined by the media – although it plays a role.  however, it is counterproductive to assume that a lack of role models and mentors leads to detrimental decision by men. Humans have agency, the will to act on their own thoughts.

The Media is not a Culprit, he is a Part of the Problem

Furthermore, it is an ignorant position to assume in saying that there are no mediums dedicated to investigating the impact of popular culture on the youth.

there is also a myriad of feminist critique on chauvinism and misogyny in hip hop. So, OkMalumKoolKat, needs to dedicate himself to research before speaking carelessly and misleading his fans and making them think that he has been victim.

OkmalumKoolkat’s over simplification of social issues is evidence of a deep misunderstanding about South Africa and the Fact of rape in our society. it is important that we realize rape is not about the perpetrator. Whether or not an apology is issued, redress should not pivot around the good or rehabilitation that the perpetrator.

Sexual Violations Don’t just Fade with Apologies

A sexual offense does not go away. OkMalumKoolkat’s guilt will always hang over his head like a broken Halo. So whether or not he is referred to as a sexual offender it should not be an issue of contention for him because it is a truth that is in the public consciousness. However, the sexual offense should not be used as a way to drive traffic onto news, that is cheap journalism. That should not detract from the discourse on rape.

Although he tweeted with the intention of painting himself as a reformed pristine individual, he took away from the broader discussion on rape. firstly his truth is uninformed. It is good that he apologized but what remains is that the discourse is not about him.


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