Sesethu doesn’t need your criticism, you’re only adding to the problem

Some of you are just as guilty as the person who leaked the Video. You Know Yourselves

By: Carlos Ncube

#Sesethu navigated its way to becoming a trend last night after a video of her masturbating was leaked. She is speculated to be a 15 year old. given her age, everybody in possession of the video is in possession of child pornography – it is no secret that it is illegal.

There has been an outrageous response from Facebook – Ironically, it trended on facebook before it did on twitter. however that has no value in this discussion. There have been demeaning and ignorant comments

VoiceNote and the Facebook

A voice not has been circulating in which somebody pretending to be Sesethu can be heard saying in isiXhosa that the video must trend please be cautioned that the voice note is a fake as it is not Sesethu speaking.

The Facebook page that was set up also shows a justification of why she released the video and that she will learn from her mistakes and move on. It is not certain whether or not the Facebook page is real or not.

What we have to consider

When a a video is leaked and the person involved is in a compromising position, not only does it tarnish the individuals reputation but it also has damaging psychological effects – the  person could contemplate and commit suicide.

also it is illegal to distribute child pornography. Sesethu deserves to have her dignity kept in one piece. A society cannot condemn the actions of an individual by castigating them. the issue only recycles itself, without giving the party involved a chance to redeem themselves.

What has happened has happened. however, it is up to the society to protect the child from abuse that stems from the internet as well as people withing proximity to the child. anything otherwise is damaging.

It is worrying that adult wallow in the ignorance of judgement rather than educating. The internet is a notorious space for shaming people, but we are speaking about a life that is at steak because grown ups are talking about how she should have cleaned up before shot the video.

there is a subtle violence in allowing child pornography to thrive. those who react with outrage towards the child are the ones who circulate it the most, and in the same breath would glorify nudity and explicit content for their own pleasure.

what remains here is that we have to protect Sesethu from any harm that will come her way. from internet bullying, to any dangers she faces at home from the saga, and also protect her from harming herself

but a warm fuck you to those who have been demeaning


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