#PostAndGoForAthabz: How tweeps think Nudes are “triggering” for rapists.

“Is there ever a good time to share nudes? women are shamed no matter when they share, no matter what the circumstance is” – Anonymous

While the world was catching forty-winks, #PostandGoForAthabs quickly gained traction and drew in spectators that participated in the trend by posting pictures of their booty’s(Bums is just a weird word to use). Other spectators were tweeting in awe of the pictures that flooded twitter through Hashtag.


On the downside there has been a lot of criticism about the timing of the #PostAndGoForAthabs with people wondering why, in the midst of a social crisis where women in South Africa are being abused, abducted and killed, would women be posting naked selfies of themselves.

Abductions, Abuse and Murder

The criticism comes after Karabo Mokoena, a 23 year old was allegedly killed(because the Ex says he found her dead) and burned by her ex boyfriend(he’s guilty of burning her, it’s not an allegation)

Read the story here: http://ewn.co.za/2017/05/18/speakers-recall-abuse-endured-by-late-karabo-mokoena

The Agency of women questioned

Some people on twitter hold the belief that, the ladies posting naked selfies are bringing harm to themselves because they are putting out an open invitation to be abducted and/or raped. I will not be the judge of ignorance here – it is evident in abundance.

However, it is concerning, that the perspectives held by people on rape and abduction are directly proportional to a  women’s agency over their own bodies. The problem here is two fold, for a very long time it has been believed that men use women as disposable sex object for their own pleasure, therefore, holding the fort on patriarchy. The agency of women was disregarded

When women openly express their agency and become naked on will, their motives are questioned. The questioning suggests that women should not have control over their bodies(“because it’s inappropriate”… really dude?). Next thing you’ll be asking for nudes.

What to consider

Nudity can be a consolidation of self worth, by showing that a woman is comfortable in her own skin. The use of media to share share this comfortable is a confirmation of aforementioned consolidation. So the use of derogatory language like – Sfebe – is baseless in describing people who are comfortable in their own skin.

Nudes don’t cause rape(seriously grow up)

It is shortsighted to think that, a naked woman will be raped because she is naked. This logic does not make sense considering abo Magriza get rape, babies who can barely talk get raped(who did they send nudes to?). There is also corrective rape. The question of “what was she wearing is very inane because the psyche of the rapist is not only oriented around body of his subject, he seeks to assert his power, and prove that the subject is domitable.

Last Thought

Nudity is protest, men cannot always be prescribing appropriateness and then reinforce that with ignorance. Rape and the abduction of women runs deeper than the body alone. Also, women should be left to lay claim to their own bodies.


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