Sesethu doesn’t need your criticism, you’re only adding to the problem

Some of you are just as guilty as the person who leaked the Video. You Know Yourselves By: Carlos Ncube #Sesethu navigated its way to becoming a trend last night after a video of her masturbating was leaked. She is speculated to be a 15 year old. given her age, everybody in possession of the … Continue reading Sesethu doesn’t need your criticism, you’re only adding to the problem


How To Spot A Sucky Editor

Juggling Writer

In the literary world, editors have a big job. Or at least they are supposed to. They are responsible for proofing, editing, formatting, and more. Sure, you did all the hard work when you wrote the story, but they make the story presentable. A great story can be marred by typos and other errors that attract the attention of the internet grammar police. And who is to blame when there is a typo in a story? Why, the editor of course.

Unfortunately, many editors aren’t interested in actually doing their jobs. Other editors overstep their bounds. What are the signs of a bad editor? Well, here are some that I have encountered:

1. The Copy-and-Paste Editor

These editors take the exact copy of the manuscript you sent and paste it onto their website. They don’t even bother to format the story for the web. Oftentimes, these copy and paste jobs…

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A Generation Lost in Time and Translation.

"time's quill is quick to spill its ink onto a new page" _ Dan Bull  The biggest problem lies in the fact that there is separation between African literature and English literature in universities. and how the culture of reading is presented to us with western modes of thought from a very early stage. I … Continue reading A Generation Lost in Time and Translation.